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Adapt. Align. Assist.

Why work with an Executive Assistant?

Passionate & Dependable

Outsourcing to an EA can be a pivotal moment for you and for your business. A never ending to do list can pull you away from the tasks that really count when it comes to growth. An EA can help lighten the load, meaning higher productivity without you feeling overstretched. They work flexibly around you and offer an additional skill set that can be a valuable asset to you, your life and your business.

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An Executive Assistant is...

Your secret weapon, your pocket PA, the one who is going to save you time. You'll be free to get on with what you do best. Whether that is securing new clients, nurturing current clients, business development, networking, spending quality time with your family or doing the things you love. They can help you build your business and work behind the scenes to support you reach all those dreams and aspirations, business and personal.


Professional Solutions

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Getting You off the Ground

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Putting You Ahead of the Competition

What My Clients Have To Say

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I have had the pleasure of working with Kat on a number of areas and brainstorming was a great opportunity for us to thrash out areas in my business I would normally take for granted. A fresh pair of eyes really made all the difference. We got all of my ideas on paper and in a coherent way, making it so much easier to plan ahead  for the coming months. Kat is a real asset!

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Kathryn provided support at very short notice. She used our discovery call to fully understand my requirements and delivered an accurate and faultless piece of work within a few hours (half the time it would have taken me). I would highly recommend Kathryn.

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Outsourcing this to Kat allowed me to be fully present in other areas of my life, the areas that really needed my attention. Not only is my inbox not overflowing with unread emails or unwanted subscriptions now, I am able to find everything that I need with just a few clicks. (Including important legal documents I accidentally deleted when I attempted to do this myself).

Kat was professional at every stage and carried out the whole process promptly, keeping me up to date along the way. She listened, found out exactly what I needed and it now works perfectly for me!


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