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Everything You Need to Know 


Hi Lovely, I'm Kat.

Let me introduce myself! I am a 30 something mum of two gorgeous boys and one French fur-baby.

By day I am a coffee drinker, actually...make that by night too! 

I love the outdoors and spending time by the sea, I wholeheartedly believe in stopping to smell the roses and organisation helps my creativity to flow.

Getting curled up with a book book, the dog and a warm drink are the sorts of nights I live for. But I fully believe in the hustle and live a busy life day to day!

Having always been a hard-working individual, consistently giving 100% but never feeling really appreciated within a corporate environment, I decided it was time for change! I love all weddings & have a passion for encouraging others to succeed & reach their goals. Having a strong administration background (& organizing being something that I also love!) Virtual Time Hustle was born.

How Virtual Time Hustle Came To Be

Wedding Professionals

I started the business not only to support wedding industry professionals with their business & personal ambitions, but also to calm their chaos, so they can be more present in their everyday.


I now enjoy my everyday life & get fulfillment in my business by providing something that puts all of my skills to work. As a professional Executive Assistant, I am all about taking the weight of work off your shoulders. 


No matter your area in the wedding industry, I ensure quality by offering smart, agile and tailorable solutions for each and every client.

Above all, I’ll go above and beyond in order to deliver excellent results. 


I can not wait to support you with a perfectly tailored package for your business, get in touch to discuss how I can help take some of the weight off your shoulders.

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