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Welcome to the first official blog from Virtual Time Hustle.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

You’ll find this month's favourites, journal prompts, top tips for business organisation, behind the scenes and exciting upcoming offers will be shared here first!


“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” - Marie Forleo

This Months Fave Business Tool: Toggl

Some of you will know exactly what I am talking about and might very well use it for your own business. For those of you who haven’t got a cl

ue or have heard of it but just don’t use it, here is my super quick low-down:

Toggl is a time tracking tool that allows me to accurately track the time I spend on client work, check in on how much time is used and provide a detailed report of how I use that time. All within a couple of clicks. It’s simple and effective!

This Months Listening: Know Your Worth - Anna Mathur

This is the second time I have listened to this book and I am still learning! Anna manages to be straight talking and gentle with it - a very rare quality!

When imposter syndrome starts to creep in, even if you already know your worth, this audio book is definitely worth a listen!

Journal Prompts:

Take a step back and really envision your dream:

What would your life look like?

What do you do with your days?

What are you already doing?

Top Tips:

I really struggled with these prompts. Being someone that never let herself dream big, it’s taken mindset work, meditation and affirmations, but I’m finally starting to break the ice. Noting down parts of productive mornings, then what made me feel good and over the time the big dream picture became a vision. Jot things down as and when you think of them, don’t put pressure on yourself and do what feels right to you. What works for me, might not be for you!

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